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I love art. I have an artist's eye, and I can spot a fake as if it were a long-lost twin. But that doesn't mean that investing in art is easy or simple. It takes a lot of research and even more patience to find the right pieces to buy—and then, who knows how long they'll be worth their weight in gold?

For example, you might want to buy an Andy Warhol print now because it's his birthday and there's bound to be some kind of buzz around him this week. But how do you know if he'll still be famous when those limited-edition prints reach their seventieth birthday party?

Invest in tangible art

Art is an excellent investment vehicle because it's a tangible asset and can be used to diversify your portfolio, hedge against inflation and stock market volatility, or hedge against the housing market. You can also use it as collateral for a home loan!

Find art that speaks to you

The first step is to find something that speaks to you. What do you like? What do you not like? If you're drawn to bright colors and abstraction, look at a lot of art that uses those techniques and styles. If landscapes are what speak to your soul, look at a lot of landscape paintings. Familiarize yourself with different artists' work so that when someone asks what kind of art speaks to them, they can answer by name instead of having to describe it as "whatever."

Finally, think about how much space there is where the piece will eventually be displayed or hung (or stored). How much does it cost per square foot? Is an extra ten feet worth $20,000 more in price? If so for this particular piece then go for it!

Seek out an artist who is building a name

If you want to buy art that will appreciate, then seek out an artist who is building a name. Look at their trajectory—are they getting attention in galleries? Are they showing in major art fairs? Do they have press? Do they win awards or grants?

Look for an established artist but not too established

While you want an art dealer who can help you buy a great piece of art, the most important thing is to find someone who has your best interests in mind. If they are not willing to do that, then how can they be trusted? So when looking for an art dealer, make sure that he or she is willing to give you advice and will only sell you pieces that have been vetted by experts before being put on display.

The good news is that there are plenty of experts out there who specialize in helping people buy art like this! And while it may seem intimidating at first glance (especially if you've never bought any before), there are many ways for even beginners such as yourself to get started—and enjoy some big gains along the way too!

Buy art that will hold up to the test of time

  • Buy art that will hold up to the test of time, not just now but in the future.

  • Look for pieces that are timeless and classic, not trendy or fad-driven.

  • Consider buying work by an artist whose work has proven itself over time.

Consider framing and documentation

If you’re going to invest in art, there are a few other things to consider. Framing is one of them. It’s an important part of the art experience and can make all the difference in how much your piece is worth down the road. You can choose from several different types of framing, from glassless frames (which are more affordable) to custom-made frames that cost thousands of dollars. The good news? Framing isn’t just for people who want their artwork displayed professionally; there are plenty of ways for you do it yourself if you're interested.

If you'd like some help figuring out what type of frame works best with your piece—or if you simply don't have time—consider hiring someone else instead! While many artists prefer personalizing their own exhibition space, some choose not to take on this responsibility themselves; they may hire someone else who specializes in framing so that they can focus on creating new pieces instead!

Buying art can be fun and lucrative

It's important to know that investing in art is a good investment. Art can appreciate in value, and it can also be sold at a profit when the time comes. Art is an excellent way of passing on wealth to the next generation, as well as providing personal pleasure for yourself!


If you’re looking for a new investment opportunity, buying art is the way to go. There are many ways to get started, from simply visiting shows and galleries to taking classes and workshops to learning about different artists so that you can find something that speaks to you personally.

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