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Corey Wesley is a bit of an entrepreneur! How do I know this? Because he influenced me to write this copy, after reading his blog post about a "no-brainer" topic like creating good content.Β 

Since opening up his online gallery in New York City, Corey Wesley has done some pretty amazing things, where he sells and showcases graffiti and "street art."

To some, it's the "tagging" and scribbles on the sides of buildings that local governments deem vandalism. But to others (like Wesley), graffiti is a form of art. "Graffiti and street art is a form of expression," he says. "It's a way for an artist to express themselves, their feelings β€” whatever they want people to see."

However, this misunderstanding between the two groups has resulted in many artists keeping their work under wraps. So finding artists was one challengeΒ Wesley had to overcome while starting his business.

But now that he's been running online galleries for almost two years,Β Wesley found out another issue: Many people don't think graffiti or street art can be beautiful or valuable. At least not until they find out how much it costs!

That said, by educating his audience about what makes these works so special (and why they're worth investing in),Β Wesley hopes more people will realize that some graffiti and street art can be art and not just urban vandalism.

Wesley went to college for communications but left after two years, and moved to Chicago for four years only to come back to New York City.Β Wesley's decision to drop out of college was not an easy one, but Wesley felt it was the best thing for him at the time. After years in Chicago, he wanted to be in New York City with his friends and family so he could pursue his dream of being a curator. When asked about leaving school, Wesley explained that having your friends and family around you is more important than what people think.

He is one of the few black-owned businesses that do well in New York City, but he wants to build a community.

You don't have to be a statistician or the CEO of a large corporation to know that the odds of becoming one of the few minority-owned businesses that thrive in New York City are low. Yet, despite these odds, curatorial director and art dealer Corey Wesley has made it work. The success of his business has brought him more than money; it has allowed him to build a community in which he can support other black artists and art enthusiasts, who often feel isolated by a culture they love but find themselves pushed out of. "I think my biggest problem is that I still haven't built enough of a community," laments Wesley. "I'm trying to do things where we can all make good money together."

Street art can be a great form of expression if you're willing to pay attention to it.Β 

It is often defined as any painting, sculpture, or graffiti put on public spaces for the purpose of public appreciation. The artists don't get paid for their work, and it goes up in cities around the world, from New York and London to Thailand and Brazil. That's why it's also often called "urban art."

The artist Banksy is probably everyone's favorite street artist. You may have heard that he recently set up a shop in New York City. It was pretty meta: The shop sold paintings that were painted by him, but they were all unsigned. Many people lined up to buy them, never knowing that they were getting something made by Banksy himself!

Another famous street artist who works under an alias is "Invader," a Frenchman who draws pixelated aliens inspired by the video game Space Invaders on walls across big cities around the world. He usually puts them in high places so they are difficult to reach without some climbing equipment.

His online store, Milton Wes Art, is known for its affordable canvas art, framed prints, and vibrant colors.

Be sure to check out the online store that bears the Milton Wes name. This retailer has built a reputation for selling graffiti and street art at affordable prices, and it continues to expand by adding new designs every month. Here you can purchase canvas art, framed prints, books, clothing, accessories, and much more. With all the different styles of artwork available on the Milton Wes Art website, it's easy to find what suits your taste best.

The brand is known for its vibrant colors and bold prints that appeal to those who prefer not less conventional home decorating options than what they might find elsewhere. The focus on affordability ensures that everyone can buy something from this shop without feeling like they're breaking the bank when making an aesthetic decision about their living space.

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