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If you’re looking to add some character to your walls with vibrant, colorful canvas art or wall art prints, but have never tried hanging them before, don’t worry — it’s easier than you might think!

Here are seven simple tips to help you hang those prints like a pro and get the most out of your home décor.

1) Use Good Quality Materials
Good quality materials will make your canvas art look good and last long. Choosing the right materials to hang your canvas art can be tricky.

#1 - Use Command Strips: This is an easy way to attach something lightweight. Command strips are great because they are removable, so if you want to change up where the canvas is hanging, simply remove and re-hang.

2) Hang at the Right Height
Wall art prints and canvas art are an easy way to add a pop of color to any room. However, hanging them can be tricky, especially if you're not sure how high on the wall they should go.

1. Leave at least 24 inches between the bottom of the frame and the floor.

2. Choose artwork that has similar proportions so it looks balanced.

3. Hang art in symmetry with your window treatments.

4. Keep it at eye level or slightly below if you want something more dramatic. If you have high ceilings, placing it in the center of two walls can also make the space feel more grand and elegant.

3) Consider the Placement of Furniture
Wall art prints can create an environment of warmth and charm, but where should you hang them to achieve the desired effect?

1. In general, hang your canvas art high enough that it is above eye level. If you are hanging many pieces of wall art in one room, vary their height so it doesn’t seem too cluttered.

2. Hang your wall art near the corner of a room or inside the radius created by an archway. This placement will draw attention to the canvases while also creating depth in the space.

3. Hang your canvas art on walls with lots of natural light so it won’t fade over time.

4) Create Balance with Multiple Pieces
Multiple pieces of wall art prints can be the perfect way to add balance and interest to your space. Balance is important in design, and it's easy to go overboard when you're looking for that perfect piece. One great way to use multiple prints is by selecting different sizes or colors. For example, a large framed print above the couch along with smaller ones on an end table or in a corner. Another idea is to hang two small pieces side-by-side, such as this two-pack of canvas wall art prints below.

5) Use Simple Frames
Wall art prints are one of the best ways to add color and life to your walls. They're also an affordable way to decorate when you're not sure what you want and don't have a lot of space. Plus, they can be repositioned and replaced easily if you get tired of them! 

6) Incorporate Negative Space
Wall art prints are an easy way to add color and dimension to your walls, but hanging them like a pro can be difficult. These tips will help you hang canvas art, frames and any other wall art with ease.

1. Start by selecting the best spot on your wall and marking the height you want it at.

2. Once you've found the perfect spot, use painter's tape to mark off the area where your artwork will go so that you know how much space is needed before taping up your frame/artwork.

3. Measure out your painting and cut down the sides of the stretcher bar with a utility knife or box cutter, just enough to hold in place.

4. Place the stretcher bar over top of the marked out area from step two and attach using nails or screws into studs or blocking (wall anchors may also be used if desired).

5. Hang up your wall art print!

6. Place another nail/screw into one of the predrilled holes on either side of where you hung up your wall art print-this should allow you to then lean back against this stud as leverage when installing another wall art print-continuing this process until all walls are covered in beautiful, inspiring work.

7) Have Fun with It!
Wall art prints are an excellent way to bring beauty and style to your home. However, finding the perfect spot for them can be a challenge.

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