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Why do you hang art on your walls? It’s not just to add color; it’s because art can make your home feel more like your own and more comfortable and inviting to you and others who visit. But if the art doesn’t hang right, it’s not going to be worth much of anything to anyone. So let’s look at how to hang canvas wall art like a pro so that the painting you worked so hard on isn’t just hanging there like an ugly picture frame!

1) Prepare the Canvas

1. Clean the wall surface with a damp cloth to remove dust and other particles from the surface. This will help reduce any potential damage to the canvas while it is being hung.

2. Use a level, plumb-bob, or other straight edge to check that the wall is vertical before hanging your canvas art. If you are unable to hang the art due to an unleveled wall, you can use shims under one side of the artwork frame in order to create an even distribution of weight across your painting and make it easier for you to hang up your painting without damaging it or having it fall off of the wall later on.

2) Prepare the Frame

Properly preparing the frame is an important step to ensuring a professional, quality installation. Before hanging art, it's essential to correctly prepare the frame. This includes removing any dust, dirt or fingerprints from the surface of the canvas or paper and then lightly coating it with varnish or water-resistant sealant.

3) Get The Best Advice

If you're looking to hang up a set of canvas prints, follow these simple tips to hang them like a pro.

1. Tape off the wall where you will be hanging the art so that no drips or marks are left behind.

2. Make sure your pictures are at eye level and aligned with each other before taping them in place.

3. Use two thin strips of painter's tape on the back of your print and two thin strips on the wall for maximum stability.

4. Once everything is taped down, slowly peel away the front layer of tape from the frame and press it against the wall so there's no air bubbles or wrinkles underneath.

5. Finish by using a level to make sure that your prints are straight up and down.

4) Follow The Instructions

1. Create a level surface by using a carpenter's level, and then measure the distance from the floor to the top of the frame.

2. Have someone hold up the painting while you look down from above and mark with a pencil where you need to screw in your nails or hooks.

3. Pre-drill holes for screws with a small drill bit.

4. Screw in your nails or hooks.

5. Hang your canvas art and enjoy!

5) Buy Quality Hooks

This is the most important step in hanging your art. Make sure that the hooks you buy are sturdy enough to hold the weight of your art and they should also be deep enough so that they will not pierce through the canvas. You want to make sure that you can remove them without damaging or tearing your canvas, which is why it's important to buy quality hooks.

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