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Choosing art for a kid's room can seem overwhelming. With all of the options available, it can be hard to make a final decision. How do you find the most appropriate art for your home? Don't worry. Take a deep breath and relax. The process isn't difficult. I'll walk you through the steps to finding kids artwork you love at prices you can love even more!

Kids' rooms can start to feel like a playroom or daycare if they're not decorated.

Unlike any other room in your house, kids’ rooms can start to feel like a playroom or daycare if they’re not decorated. This is a fun place to be extra creative because it’s for your child and no one else. When picking art for their room, there are some things you should keep in mind:

  • Don't worry about what you buy. You don't need to buy the best art in the world. It's just for decoration and something you (and hopefully your children) will enjoy looking at.
  • Don't worry about what you like. Your kids are going to love the wallpaper that's covered with elephants as much as they love the painting of cars racing around a track on a warm summer day—maybe even more!
  • Buy timeless pieces. You'll want something that will grow with them as they get older; pieces of art that will remind them of their childhood years when they're adults themselves.

        Ultimately, don't worry about whether or not an artwork is good enough for your kid's room; all artwork is good enough! It can be something from an artist whose work sells for thousands of dollars or it can be handmade by you or your child; both are great options!

        Buying framed art work is a good way to add visual interest and personality to a kids room.

        Framed art work is a great way to add personality and visual interest to your child’s room. The right piece of wall art can make the room feel more like a bedroom and less like a playroom. Frames are also great for kids because they are not fragile or easily breakable, unlike most art pieces that are not framed.

        Another reason to consider hanging framed artwork in your child’s bedroom is that it is typically hung at eye level, which works well for children. Art at eye level allows your child to admire and engage with his or her artwork on a daily basis. This can be especially helpful when you hang pieces of art that feature things your child loves, like animals or nature scenes. If you hang un-framed pictures lower on the wall (below where a traditional frame would be), then it will be difficult for your little one to see what he or she enjoys about the pictures.

        Finally, framed pictures can help complete the theme of any type of kids room décor. For example: if you have chosen an airplane theme for your boys room then select some aviation-themed prints and hang them in frames along one entire side of his room for impact. Framed images hung together create an interesting visual effect that adds depth and character to any room design!

        Consider choosing art that matches the child's bedding.

        To create a unified look for your child’s bedroom, you can choose artwork that matches one of the other elements in the room.

        If you use a theme for your kid’s room, select artwork that matches it.

        If you don’t want to use a theme, pick art that incorporates your child’s favorite color.

        Give your child some say in the art you choose.

        Give your child a say in choosing their art.

        Whether it's a print of the solar system, a painting of the family dog, or an illustration of ballet dancers, children love to feel that they have some control over their surroundings. Involve your child in choosing artwork by asking them what they would like and why. If you are looking at prints or catalogues together, ask them which images they prefer and give them a reason as to why you also like that image. If you're visiting an art gallery (and who isn't?), ask your little one which works stand out and why. Don't be afraid to discuss emotions—children are extremely good at expressing what makes them happy or sad. If you don't want to buy the piece your child chooses, ask them to narrow down their choices for you.

        Look for art that has qualities that kids will appreciate such as bright colors, fun characters or a whimsical style.

        Look for art that kids will appreciate qualities such as bright colors, fun characters, or a whimsical style.
        • Think about the child's interests or hobbies and look for art that matches their interests.
        • Kids love to tell stories so find art with a story or artwork with animals, people, and places they can talk about.
        • Keep in mind if you are purchasing art to hang over the crib or changing the table, you'll want something that is not too abstract but more like a picture (a face, animal, etc).

          Think about whether you want to buy themed art or if you'd rather have an un-themed piece that could be moved around as the kid grows out of it's theme.

          • Think about whether you want to buy themed art or if you'd rather have an un-themed piece that could be moved around as the kid grows out of its theme.
          • Some parents like the idea of having a theme for their kid's room, but other parents feel fine with buying art that is more general and could fit in any room.
          • However, if you do decide to have a theme in your child's bedroom, consider using a theme that will last through the ages. By this we mean avoid themes that are only relevant to young kids and can lose their charm as they grow older (ex: princesses) or themes that will lose popularity over time (ex: superhero cartoons).

              Look for art styles that the child may love later in life, but still enjoy now.

              While it's tempting to decorate a child's room with fun theme art—like an under-the-sea or jungle theme, these types of art can get dated as children grow up. Instead of choosing themes that might not age well as the child grows, you'll want to look for classic artwork styles that will remain timeless and are likely to appeal to the child even when he or she is older.

              Think about finding playful paintings that still have a modern aesthetic. For instance, if your son loves sports, look for paintings that depict happy kids playing ball rather than paintings of specific professional athletes. Or if your daughter loves ballet, consider purchasing a painting of a beautiful ballerina on pointe rather than one of her favorite heroine from The Nutcracker. As children grow up they may change some tastes, but they're less likely to outgrow classic art styles like this.

              shopping for kids' room art doesn't have to be complicated

              When it relates to kids' room art, you have endless choices these days. You can find pre-framed art in any style you want or select an unframed print and select your own frame. You can even choose canvas art, which is painted directly on a canvas. The choice is up to you. Here are some tips on choosing the right look for your child’s room:

              • Try to pick out artwork that will be timeless and not strictly geared toward a current theme like cars or princesses. If you do decide to go with a themed piece of art, be sure that it will still work as the child grows up even if he or she loses interest in that particular subject matter.
              • Find artwork that has colors that match the bedding and other decor items in the room so everything coordinates well and looks put together.
              • Remember that it should first and foremost appeal to the person who will spend most of their time in this space: the child. Even if you love something, don't buy it unless your child loves it too!

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