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Hanging pictures on your living room walls can be tricky; not only are you trying to find the right frames and the right images, but you’re also trying to figure out where they will look best! It’s no surprise that a lot of people hang pictures haphazardly, with no rhyme or reason behind the placement. But it’s actually quite easy to create an aesthetically pleasing gallery wall, if you just follow these simple steps.

Top Picture Hanging Rules

Hanging pictures on a wall can be daunting! You want to make sure that they are hung correctly so they don't look like they're going to fall down. Here are the top rules of thumb for hanging art:

  1. Frames should be level and facing the same direction. When a frame is not straight, it can get hung up on the nail as you hang your picture and cause your frames to detach from one another and/or fall down. We always recommend starting with the center nail or staple.
  2. Frames should always be touching each other when placed side by side. If there's space between them, then use wall decor - small things like vases, statues, framed photos etc., to fill the gaps.
  3. A portrait will typically go above a sofa if you have both artwork and furniture occupying this area of your living room.

Hanging art above eye level
If you are looking for a spot to hang a beautiful art piece, one of the best spots is above eye level. Hanging an art piece at this height can offer it space and still make it visible for people who are coming into your living room. Another place that works well for hanging art is against a wall and flush with the floor. These pieces will have equal visibility and make sure that they don't overwhelm those entering the room by taking up too much of the space on either side of them.

Allow for negative space around paintings
Depending on your living room setup, you'll need different placement strategies. Here are the five most popular placement options

  1. Hanging a single painting above the fireplace or television: Choose a vertical format for this option because horizontal paintings may make it seem like there's too much empty space around them.
  2. Displaying two vertical paintings across from each other: Pair two like-minded pieces of art or complementary color schemes together for a cohesive look. Make sure that one piece is hung higher than the other to create depth and visual interest.
  3. Arranging three vertical paintings in an arc shape: Play with color by displaying these paintings close to each other with varying shades and tones of blue, red, green or orange.

Use mirrors strategically
One great way to create the illusion of more space is by using mirrors. Place a mirror on the side of a room that has little natural light and it will give the appearance of an entirely new room. You can also put a mirror on an adjacent wall to make the room seem bigger than it actually is.

Scatter your artwork throughout the room
One of the most important aspects of design is that it's not just what you put on the wall, but how you put it there. Finding the right spots for your favorite art can help tell a story and make your room feel more personalized. Here are some key spots in any living room where you should hang your favorite pieces:

  1. Above the mantel - this creates an instant focal point when you walk into a room.
  2. Over the kitchen island - hang an inspiring phrase over your workspace.
  3. Across from the TV or fireplace - provide balance with a similar sized piece.
  4. Above headboard or bed - use textiles as wall decor by covering one side of a wall with curtains.

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