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There's a reason that the most powerful weapons in this world aren't bombs or guns. They don't need to kill or destroy anything, and instead just outlast their targets. The way an artist is able to move us without saying a word is astonishing; it's like as if magic but we can actually see its origins and see how it was done. The power of art is remarkable, as are the ways in which artists have used their talents to make some of the most lasting changes on our planet.

Power of Art: the ability to create, change and move.

Art can be a powerful weapon in the battle against injustice. It can inspire people to do great things, and it has been used throughout history to effect social change.

We need more artists in our society who are willing to take risks and make bold statements with their work, because only through carefully constructed images or words can we start making sense of our chaotic world today, or even begin talking about solutions.

The Beauty of Art

What is art? Art is a reflection of the world around us, and more importantly, it's a reflection of you. It reveals things about your soul that you may not even know yourself. When you look at a piece of art, you can see what's going on in someone else's mind and heart—and this event can be very powerful.

Art is beautiful: it has the power to make us feel good just by looking at it. We all need beauty in our lives, or life would be too depressing to bear.

The Convergence of Art

The convergence of art and the physical world is something that many artists seek to achieve, but few ever do. Art can be used to bring people together, it has the power to unite people, it can help heal people, change them and solve problems.

Art is a weapon that can be used for good or bad purposes; it all depends on how you choose to use your voice.

Fight for art.

Art is the most powerful weapon this world has at its disposal. It changes people's minds, it allows us to see beyond what we know and into the unknown. Art can move mountains, change the world and inspire us to create our own version of utopia.

Art is a weapon that can be used for good or evil; there are artists who choose to use their talent for good and others who choose to use their talent for evil purposes. But regardless of which side you believe in, art has always been used as a means of expression by people across all walks of life throughout history.


Art is the enemy of apathy. It is the enemy of silence. The enemy of complacency, and it has the power to stir people into action like nothing else can. It might be a small force, but art is an unstoppable force that can change minds, change lives and even sometimes change history. So if you've been waiting for your moment to do something that might make a difference in this world then perhaps it's time to take up arms and join with those who would fight for art.

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