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How can you use color psychology to make your home or office look twice as big? Color is one of the most powerful tools we have at our disposal. It's the symbol of life and vitality. Color has the power to move people, and it greatly affects our lives on a subconscious level.

White is calming and fresh.

White is a popular color for any space because it is simple and clean. White makes a space feel airy and bright. White can also be used to give a room a minimalist look. When you want your room to appear larger than it is, white is an excellent choice.

Go for warm hues.

As anyone who has read a book on color psychology can attest, colors affect the way we feel. Red is an energizing color that can make us feel more passionate and aggressive; blue is calming; yellow is happy. The colors of a room’s walls also tend to influence our feelings toward the size of its interior.

Cool colors—green, blue, and violet—tend to recede from our eyes, making them ideal for rooms where we want to create the illusion of space. By using these colors as your dominant ones in a room, you will make it look larger than it actually is.

To take this idea one step further, use cool whites or off-whites in order to create an expansive background for your furnishings. This lets your furnishings stand out while still giving a sense of openness.

Use yellow to energize a room.

Yellow is an energetic color, so it stimulates the senses and increases concentration. It also enhances memory, so you may want to use it in rooms where you're working on a project or studying. Yellow is great for children's rooms because it's associated with joy, happiness, and learning.

Yellow also makes small spaces appear larger since it reflects more light than other colors. So if your entryway, kitchen, or breakfast nook is feeling a little cramped, try lightening up the area with yellow walls.

Choose cool hues.

Cool hues work by creating the illusion of depth. You may have noticed that the color blue is often associated with water, which we perceive as having greater depth than land or objects. Similarly, blue and purple can give the impression of greater depth in a room.

Light also plays an important role in establishing this illusion. A cool hue will appear to recede if it is light; for example, pale violet would seem farther away than dark purple. However, a dark hue will appear to advance if there is more light shining on it; for example, dark green will appear closer against white walls with plenty of light shining on it.

Pink can help relax your mind.

Pink can help relax your mind. It’s also known to soothe headaches, migraine, and nervousness. Some people also say that it reduces stress levels and creates physical relaxation of muscles. Pink also slows down the heart rate and has a calming effect on people. Pink looks amazing in bedrooms, especially when used with whites. Avoid strong shades as they can be overwhelming. Pink is associated with love, nurturing, and femininity so it’s an obvious choice for a child’s room or baby nursery to help encourage sleep.

Blue tricks the mind into thinking the room is cooler than it actually is.

Cool colors like blue, green, and purple help us feel relaxed and calm. They usually remind us of the sky or ocean. Blue also tricks the mind into thinking the room is cooler than it actually is, making it a great option for bedrooms!

Purple can improve creativity and imagination.

Purple is the color of royalty and wealth. It is associated with magic, mystery, and creativity. Purple also represents spirituality, being the midpoint between warm red and cool blue. When applied in interior design or fashion, purple can improve creativity and imagination. However, too much purple can lead to feelings of loneliness or depression.

For these reasons, we recommend adding a beautiful shade of violet to your bathroom or office space (a room you spend time alone). Try painting one wall violet for a psychedelic effect that will energize the room without overwhelming it (or you).

Color choice has a psychological impact on people's brains and can be used to make a small space appear larger

Although colors have subjective meanings, it’s possible to use them in a scientific manner. Color theory is the study of how colors can be used to change people’s perceptions.

While some colors are considered “warm” and others are “cool,” there isn’t a definitive list of which colors fall into each category. However, there are general guidelines that pertain to how most people perceive warm and cool colors. Typically, warm colors like red, yellow, and orange evoke passion or excitement, while cool colors like blue or green tend to be calming or relaxing.

This can be used to your advantage when decorating a small space. The goal is to make a room look larger by creating an illusion of more space than there actually is. To do this, you need the eye to quickly scan the walls and understand the dimensions of the room without being distracted by details (the color on the wall).

Typically light-colored walls will achieve this effect because they create contrast with darker objects in the room (such as furniture). Having too much dark in a small room will highlight its coziness instead of making it appear larger, so you should try not to limit yourself to only dark items if you want your home or office to look bigger than it actually is!

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