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Chief Curator

a photo of corey wesley a businessman holding a mug smiling at his desk with a computer

Milton Wes—a company founded by Corey Wesley, a young boy who was greatly inspired by his grandfather when he was just starting out. It seemed as if every time they met there was something new to learn about art and about what it means to be true to oneself. It is clear that Wesley took in much from his grandfather while watching him; Algernon told stories about graffiti in the New York Subway System and even those found on city sidewalks before they could be painted over or cleaned up. This interest became something we carried forth into becoming passionate fans of art here at Milton Wes today.

Corey Wesley is a multifaceted artist who has been developing brands for over 10 years. He creates strong brands that strive to make an impact in the world - thus far he's had success with Flirtatious-T, Urban FLRT, OVAH MAG, OVAH MUSIC and now Milton Wes. Corey is known for his captivating t-shirt designs which have attracted attention from celebrities such as Whoopi Goldberg (The View) and Kendra Wilkinson (The Girls Next Door).

After all this inspiration from his mother's side of the family, Wesley wanted to give back the same way, but in an entirely different field. For that reason, Milton Wes will forever hold its grandpa Algernon's memory close and never forget what it really means to live life through someone else's eyes and create something beautiful for everyone else too. 

Wesley's career has been the subject of numerous features in a variety of publications, including Harlem World MagazineThe Harlem Times, DZI - The Voice, Sincerely Syreeta, 123PR Faith Girl, Edge Media, HX Magazine, and a handful of others.



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