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Cozy living room with a fireplace with a framed art piece hanging on the wall

Connect with art. Connect with your inner self.

Connect with art. Connect with your inner self.

Our love for art is rooted in celebration and fascination with the many colors, sounds, vibrations, and expressions that we see on the street. Often it seems like art is just there to promote mindfulness or bring us some calmness—but this isn't always so.

Art has been a crucial part of Corey Wesley's life since childhood when his mother suffered from bipolar. As a result of her disorder, he eventually suffered from anxiety and addiction. But he learned how much joy he could find in his own creativity.

Not only would art help him get through tough days, but it would also help him stay positive while living with some conditions of his own. After finding refuge in therapy, music, and art, Wesley found his own artistic voice —knowing full well the stigma surrounding mental health himself.

He wants to change this for others by using artwork as both medium and message.



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