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Corey Wesley: The Artist and Visionary Behind Milton Wes Art

a photo of corey wesley, founder and chief art curator at milton wes art

Corey Wesley, the owner, grew up on Manhattan's Lower East Side, where he developed a deep appreciation for arts and culture. His creative journey began at the Henry Street Settlement House, where he explored various art forms, including piano, guitar, violin, dance, and even the saxophone.

During his university years, Corey's passion for art intensified, especially after taking an art history class that introduced him to artists like Salvador Dali. He excelled in the class, earning an A, which made him realize that art might be his true calling.

Corey's fascination with art began with graffiti and its presence on the New York Subway system. He and his grandfather would discuss the impact of this urban art form, from its creation to its eventual cleaning, only to reappear once again. This early exposure laid the foundation for Corey's love for art.

Corey values the role of art in making homes aesthetically pleasing and reflective of individuality. He remembers how his mother, as a single mother in New York City, prioritized creating comfortable and aesthetically pleasing homes. This experience inspired him to offer artwork and decor through his online store, adding a touch of uniqueness and flair to people's homes.

Corey's passion for creativity shines through in his diverse ventures. From the successful T-shirt brand "Flirtatious-T" to his role as the creator of "OVAH Mag" and music created under the persona "Rex Wes," Corey has been deeply ingrained in the creative community. His work is an invitation to explore his world of artistry, leaving you with an understanding of his love for creativity and a desire to learn more about his past and present achievements.

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