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Meet Corey Wesley: The Visionary Founder Behind Milton Wes Art

Portrait of Corey Wesley, Founder of Milton Wes Art

Corey Wesley, Founder of Milton Wes Art: An NYC Native's Artistic Evolution

Raised amidst the vibrant arts scene of Manhattan's Lower East Side, Corey Wesley developed an innate appreciation for cultural expression. His artistic odyssey took root at the esteemed Henry Street Settlement House, where he immersed himself in music and performance arts, trying instruments from the piano to the saxophone.

At Oswego University, Corey's artistic fervor was fueled by an art history course, where his encounter with Salvador Dali's genius sparked an epiphany about his artistic destiny, as evidenced by his outstanding academic performance in the subject.

It was the raw energy of graffiti adorning the New York Subway that first captured Corey's imagination. Those spirited discussions with his grandfather about the ebb and flow of this street art form laid the groundwork for his enduring passion for the visual arts.

Corey champions art's transformative power in personal spaces, a lesson ingrained by his mother's dedication to creating a beautiful home against the backdrop of New York City's hustle. His e-commerce platform is a tribute to this ethos, offering distinctive art pieces to infuse homes with character and elegance.

A dynamo of creativity, Corey's ventures span from the chic T-shirt label "Flirtatious-T," to his editorial prowess at "OVAH MAG," to his musical alter ego "Rex Wes." His journey is more than a narrative of personal growth—it's an immersive experience into his realm of creativity, inviting onlookers to discover the rich tapestry of his artistic influences and contributions.

Corey Wesley: A Proven Trailblazer in Brand Building and Media Recognition

Throughout his illustrious career, Corey Wesley has not only crafted brands that resonate with audiences but also captured the attention of prominent media outlets. His strategic brand-building prowess is underscored by past press coverage from a suite of reputable publications and media platforms. Being featured in Harlem World Magazine and The Harlem Times highlights his strong connection to the pulse of NYC's cultural epicenter. Coverage by DZI - The Voice and Sincerely Syreeta showcases his versatile influence across various artistic and entrepreneurial landscapes. The attention from 123PR and Faith Girl underscores his knack for creating brands that speak to diverse demographics, while features in Edge Media and HX Magazine solidify his standing as an innovator unafraid to pursue his dreams and turn them into tangible successes. Corey Wesley's media presence through the years is a testament to his mastery in building brands and businesses with a lasting impact.