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Framed art prints are the best way to display and show off your favorite pieces whether you're shopping for art in person or browsing online. Framed prints can be both cost-effective and versatile; they work well at home or in the office.

Framed art looks more high-end and professional.

Framed art prints simply look more elegant and high-end than canvas prints. They have a more sophisticated feel, which is what you want for your home decor. If you're trying to impress someone—like a potential buyer, for example—you need framed art prints.

For those very reasons, if you're planning on selling your home or moving, we strongly suggest that you purchase framed art prints instead of canvas ones. You'll get a better return on your investment since they look so much more professional and refined. Simply put: Framed wall art will make the space feel more valuable and polished overall.

Framed art has a more finished, polished appearance.

A frame adds a sense of completion to any art print, making the artwork look more finished and polished. The right frame completes the overall look of your art, creating cohesion among your furniture, decor and wall design.

When choosing what type of framing material you want for your piece, consider how you plan on hanging it. Once you’ve found the best color for your walls and furniture, choose a frame style that complements it for an elevated look in seconds!

You can also use a frame to express your personality through color and style. If you love bright colors and bold patterns, choose a top-loader frame in one of our vibrant colors like hot pink or orange! Or if you want something more rustic or antique-inspired (especially if you live in an old house!), choose one with distressed edges to give some textural interest to your piece as well as help it stand out against the wall behind it.

Framed art is more versatile than canvas.

One of the greatest things about framed art is that it is incredibly versatile. Not only can you hang a framed piece vertically or horizontally, but also you can really display it anywhere in your home. If canvas art is too big to fit on the wall in a certain area of your house, then you are out of luck. However, this isn’t a problem with framed art because you have many more options for displaying it. For example, if there isn’t enough space for a large print on the wall in an entryway, simply hang a small framed piece at eye level on the doorframe instead! A hanging picture frame will make this area feel more pulled together and welcoming for guests when they come over.

Another wonderful thing about having framed pieces displayed around your house is that it’s easy to switch them out as often as you want! You can do this seasonally or whenever you want to change up your decor style. Framed art prints give you numerous opportunities to explore different aesthetics and so much flexibility when designing your living space, which allows you to put together an area that truly reflects who you are and what makes you happy.

Framed art is safer for your walls.

Imagine your framed art print is a family member. Let's call it Fred. If you were to hang Fred on the wall without a frame, you're basically raising Fred without proper protection. A canvas print can get chipped, creased and ruined in any number of ways. That's why many homeowners choose to go with a framed art print instead—it's safer for your artwork and walls alike!

Don't worry: We're not suggesting you wrap Fred in bubble wrap, duct tape him to the wall or slather him in epoxy glue (examples of things we've seen people try). You just need a simple frame—preferably one with hanging hardware already attached. This extra step provides an extra layer of protection for your walls as well as the art itself.

Framed art works well with other wall decor in a gallery wall or vignette.

Whether you’re planning to hang framed art on its own or alongside other wall decor, the key to creating a unified look is choosing pieces that complement each other. Look for items that share similar styles and colors, but aren’t too matchy-matchy. A good rule of thumb? Pick two small accent items that make bold statements and pair them with one larger piece that offers a more subtle effect.

This rule applies to any type of wall decor arrangement, from gallery walls to vignettes. We recommend printing framed art prints in standard sizes (like 8x10 or 11x14) so you can mix and match with ease. If you want to go for a simple look with fewer frames, stick with offset matting in white or off-white tones so your photos stand out against your wall color.

You can find framed art that fits your personal style, whether you're into traditional, modern, or abstract pieces. Takeaway: With our collection of stunning, unique framed prints, you can create the home decor look you want and love without breaking the bank!

Framed art is a great choice for any home. Whether you’re going for traditional, modern, or abstract framed prints, they make an amazing addition to your living room, bedroom, dining area—pretty much anywhere in your house.

But why should you use framed art? Well…

First of all, it's flexible. You can choose from a wide variety of styles and colors to fit the exact look you want to achieve. And there are tons of different types of frames to match the artwork itself: thin black frames with minimalistic paintings; colorful frames with bold patterns and contrasting motifs; ornate gold frames with Renaissance-era sketches…

The sky's the limit! And that’s just talking about what goes inside the frame!

If you’re looking for high-quality wall decor that also fits your budget, then framed prints are a fantastic option. Just browse through our collection and find one (or many!) that matches your personal taste or existing decor scheme.

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